In The Snow

Once, my ex-girlfriend came to visit me in Colorado. We both were not seeing anyone, and she and her girlfriend wanted to come ski. Anyway, we all decided to go to the Rocky Mountain National park. Halfway there, we stopped the car to enjoy the beauty. Well, for no good reason, I was aroused and could not conceal it when we got out. While her friend was clicking away, my ex decided to give me oral right in the snow. When her friend came back, we were caught plumb! She just stomped and went to the car. We finished up and drove back in silence. Later that night, her friend left part of the bathroom door open, and I could see her nude when she got out of the shower. I was totally amazed with her body under those ordinary clothes. While I was sleeping, she came and made love to me! My ex and her friend alternated to my bed. I was in heaven for the three days.

— Mustafa, 22

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