I'm Straight. Really.

I was twenty-four and I'd recently found out a friend from college was bi. So, I confessed to him. I'm a cross-dresser with a foot fetish. He told me he'd do anything if he could just give me oral. So, we met once and played around a little. I was just in a pair of spandex shorts. About a year later, I get an email from him, and we do lunch. As things got going, I found out he was moving away shortly. I started to get horny thinking about the last time we played. So, he drove me back to my place and waited in the car while I made sure the polish on my toes was nice. I put on some nice pantyhose, a cute black mini skirt, a nice tight top, and a pair of cute heels. I looked like a girl from the neck down. I went walking out to him, and his jaw dropped. He found us a nice secluded place to park, and we went to town! I want that again. Yet to top it off, except for those two times, I'm straight!

— Gregory, 28

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