Wild One

When I was nineteen, I had a twenty-one-year-old stepsister who was very wild. She ran around with this very wild crowd that stayed out all night. Even when she came in, it was always at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, and she would we be completely wasted. She would walk by my room to get to the restroom down the hall. She usually only had on her panties and I would see her breasts. One night after she came in wasted, I waited until she passed by my room. Then I waited until she went back to hers. I waited about thirty minutes, and then I slipped down the hall with nothing but my underwear on and slipped into her bedroom. I got into bed with her. Before she could really wake up and understand what was happening, I was going to town. At first, she tried to push me off a bit, but she finally just lay back and let me finish. God, what a rush that was! It's been over fifteen years, and I still get excited just thinking about it. The next morning after my parents had left for work, she came over to my bedroom. Boy, she was really pissed. She finally said that she was okay with what happened that night, but that I should never do that again.

— Roy, 35

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