La Senorita

When I was nineteen and growing up in California, we had this beautiful Mexican maid that took care of my little sisters. She had a fair complexion for a Mexican and had beautiful green eyes. One night when everyone was asleep, I snuck into her room and got in bed with her. At first, she wouldn't let me do anything. But I did wind up kissing her a lot. The next night, she locked her door from the inside, but I knew how to unlock it with a bobby pin. I got into bed with her again. She pretended to be mad at first, but then we started kissing a lot again. I kept going back night after night. One night, after about two weeks, she finally gave in and I got on her. God, it was wonderful. It was the first time I had ever had sex with a girl. After that, I used to go with her every night and sometimes in the day when my little sisters were taking a nap. When I left for college in the fall, she cried and cried. When I came home during the Christmas break, she was gone. She had gone shopping one morning, and the Border Patrol picked her up as she had no papers. I never saw her again, but the memories of that first sex still burn in my mind even after fifteen years.

— Spencer, 34

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