It Lasted For Ages

I am twenty-two and work in a warehouse full of women. One of the women, a forty-two-year-old widow, took a fancy to me. Whenever we were in a quiet part of the warehouse, she would squeeze my manhood and invite me up to her flat. I always resisted, thinking she was too old, but I did fantasize about her as she was very attractive. The day came when I accepted her invitation, and after work she drove me to her house. After some kissing and cuddling, we went into the bedroom where she undressed me once she had undressed. She told me to lie on the bed. She straddled me and gently played with me until I was in a highly sexual state. She then began having sex with me. She told me she liked to be in command and told me not to move. I thought this position was strange at first, but I started to finish very slowly, and the sex lasted for ages. It was one of the deepest experiences of being close to anyone that I have ever experienced. We now have sex on a regular basis. As an experiment, I tried this with my girlfriend, and she thought it was the best sex we've had.

— Tyrone, 22

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