Pampering My Wife

My wife loves to be pampered in a spa. I am too jealous for that and asked her to quit the spa thing. She refused but told me she would order service at home. I had no other choice but to consent. First thing in the morning of a Saturday, my wife got a shower, wrapped a towel above her breasts, and opened the door for her manicurist who happened to be an Asian-type of guy. He was massaging and touching my wife's hands for almost an hour. Then he sat on a low stool close to the floor to do her toenails. In addition to massaging my wife's feet for another hour more, he was enjoying the wide open view my wife was giving him of her inner thighs and undies every time she crossed her legs or he changed from one foot to another which he did several times. Then came the massage deal. She unwrapped her towel, turned around, and laid on the massage table facing down. During the move, the guy could briefly look at her bare breasts. At this moment, the guy took a drape and covered my wife's behind. All this was happening in our living room. I was a little uncomfortable with the situation, so I went to the kitchen to read the paper, prepare coffee, or just do whatever took me out of that place. I sat on our nook and still had a view of my wife being massaged by the Asian guy. I don't know what all this deal was about, but my wife looked like she was having the day of her life. The guy massaged her legs. She opened them like she wanted him to reach between them, which the guy did. She looked at me and told me, "Get me a cup of coffee, Honey." I had no other choice but to go there with the coffee. The guy had his oiled hands between my wife's thighs. He was not doing anything not to touch her panties, which in that moment I realized were thongs. "Thanks, Hon," my wife said as she turned her face around. Astonished, I went back to my kitchen. The guy massaged her back and then asked her to turn around. Then he pulled the drape up to cover her breasts and worked the rest of her body. "Are you ready for the Brazilian wax?" asked the guy. "Sure," replied my wife. This was the thing that topped it all. She spread her legs wide open, and this guy worked on her groins and pubis until leaving her completely bald. When he was done, I told him, "Why don't you finish her up? That woman is just about to have an orgasm!"

— Juan, 41

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