The Bitter Drunk

During my freshman year of college, I made friends with a bunch of older classmen. A month into the semester, one of them asked me out and I was totally thrilled that an older guy (him 21, me 18) was asking me out. The plan was to go out to dinner, swing by a party his friend was having, then watch a movie at his place. To start off, he took me to a chicken restaurant. I just kept quiet and didn't make any comments. We then went to the party, which turned out to have a pole dancing contest for money. He proceeded to get drunk and him and his friends tried desperately to get me to dance. I refused, so he went off somewhere else in the party he put it.. "enjoy myself where there aren't suck stuckup people like you". We finally left the party at around 2 AM and went back to his place and watched a movie. Just imagine...both of us laying on his bed watching a movie and he's drunk and drooling and falling half asleep. Around 4 AM he decided it would be "polite" if he walked me the 100 steps back to my dorm...and then proceeded to tell me that I was a stuck up snob because I didn't get really drunk at the party, and I didn't make a move on him while in bed watching the movie. He then tried telling anyone who was passing by at that time that I was a prude and would never get a date again. I quietly walked away from the situation and never talked to him again. Sadly...I was at a party a month later with a date and he was there and told my date "this girl won't put out so don't even try". He left the party with a bruised eye and I left with a smile!

— Susan, 30

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