My Really Big Date

I meet this guy from a friend over the phone. He would call me every now and then to say what's up and one day we spoke for a good hour or 2 while he talked about himself and described himself and I had shown him a picture of me online so he knew what I looked like, well anyways he would always speak about how good he looks and how so many girls like him. I knew I wasn't interested from the start but I figured it would be good to make new friends, so one night I agreed to meet for a movie. I pull up to his house and he does the really kiddish act by sending his little brothers out to check me out , then when he comes out he's 600 pounds and barely fits in my car. I wasn't upset because this was just a friendly dinner and movie. So he goes on and on how beautiful I am and how I should be his girlfriend. We go to the movie first while in the lobby getting tickets he leaves in in line alone to tell some girl he knows her and she is telling him he doesn't know her but he goes on and on and now I'm embarrassed. We see something scary so I'm forced to sit really close and grab his arm. While he was grabbing my leg I begun to be a little sickened so he stopped. Then he wants to see another movie and it was so stupid we left after 20 mins of it and now we are finally going to eat. Every place he tells me to go it closed so we go to some takeout only place and he wants me to buy his food. Well I decided not to order anything and he orders $15.00 of food for himself. Now I'm disgusted because this is like a cheap place and he orders like 4 meals I was so mad I begun to complain about my money and he gives me 5 dollars of my money back. I mean what a date, first I have to pick him up and drop him back off why do I have to pay for his food? What a loser, not to mention how his ex-girlfriend was calling his cell phone all night. Well no more blind dates for me. Even if I wasn't interested in him like that he should still show me some respect and treat me like a lady. Am I right?

— Linda, 20

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