Double Date

A guy I'd known for several months asked me on a date and I accepted. He seemed pretty nice ... he'd even lent me his car before when he went out of town. I was excited to go on a date with him. He called me a few days before the date to let me know we'd be going to see a movie. He asked me what kind of movie I'd like to see. I told him anything but a scary movie. I don't enjoy scary movies. When he came to pick me up, there was another girl with us. I thought this was pretty strange, but I thought maybe he was giving her a ride or something. It annoyed me when she sat in the front and I had to sit in the back seat, it was an hour long drive from where I lived to the mall. They were talking and I had a hard time hearing what they were saying. Needless to say, I wasn't very encouraged. When the three of us arrived at the mall, he told us he needed to use the restroom. So, I started talking to her and in a friendly manner I asked her what she was doing there. She told me she was on a date with him. I told her I thought I was having a date with him. We realized that he had double-booked himself and had felt too bad to cancel with either one of us, so he thought he could take us both out. At that point, neither of us had our cars and there isn't good transportation in our city, so we decided we'd both stay. It was definitely strange, but we decided to make the most of it. Then, our date came back with the movie tickets; we were going to see Anaconda ... a very scary movie. Apparently, he'd seen it the night before and loved it so much he wanted to see it again. During the movie he sat between us and about halfway through I realized he was snoring. This was by far the worst date I've ever had.

— Caitlyn, 26

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