He Cheated With Everyone!

I went on a date with this guy I met through a guy friend of mine. He stopped talking to me for a week, so I started to worry about our relationship. I tried his phone, but it was busy. So, I called one of my friends who I thought I could trust and she was on the other line. I asked who was she talking to, and she said it was the guy I was dating. I asked her, "have you been talking to him all week?" She told me she had. I asked her to tell him to call me and she went to the other line. She came back and told me to break up with him. But, when I asked why, she went silent. Finally, I got a hint and asked her if she was fooling around with him and she didn't respond. So, now I got a beep in from another friend of mine. She told me that she's seen my man with other women. I asked if one of them was her, and she said yes. The night before, he was flirting with our waitress and everything finally made sense.

— Natalie, 20

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