He Drank What?

I was set up on a blind date by one of my best friends. She told me that this guy her boyfriend worked with was cute, fun, and liked to party. So, I said, "Sure why not?" When I met him, he seemed nice; he wasn't bad looking, and liked to talk, so things went well. We got to the party, he grabbed us both a drink and that's when it all started...As the night progressed, I watched as he drank quite a few people under the table, drink after drink, and he got louder and louder. Finally, my friend said it was time to go, so we all got in her car (I had to sit in the back with big mouth). My friend's long time boyfriend wanted to stop at a secluded park to get "romantic" with his lady. So, my date and I went and sat on a picnic bench, while my friend and her man went off to be cozy. As we sat, he continued to drink out of the plastic cup he brought from the party. Finally, he looked at me, and in an instant yacked back into the cup, laughed then proceeded to re-drink it. I screamed for my friend while being totally disgusted; she came running with her boyfriend only to tell me she was now engaged! It couldn't have been a worse date. It took me three weeks to shake this guy that thought we had a great date. That's because, up until he became so drunk he couldn't even see anymore, we actually had a half decent date. He just can't remember anything after that.

— Wendy, 19

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