Not For Sale

My best friend told me that she knew a great guy. I told her to give me his number and I'd check him out. BIG MISTAKE! I soon called him and we decided to go out with his best friend and his best friend's girlfriend. I was going to pick everyone up. I went to his best friend's place first, since it was closer. His best friend just happened to be the guy I had broken up with 2 months ago! We said hey, and not much else, which was fine since his girlfriend, Amy was very talkative. I went to pick up my date, Josh, and it turned out he lived close by. He had the worst taste ever, though, because he came out wearing a polka dot tie and plaid golf pants with golf shoes! I felt very strange when he came up and said, "Sweet car, how much do you want for it?" I said, "Thanks, but it's not for sale." He started to cuss me out saying he got everything he wanted, and if he wanted my car he could have it! I said, "Shut up, you bastard, because you don't even get to ride in it!" and drove away. I dropped off my ex and his girlfriend, who had stopped talking. Then, I drove home and called my friend, who said she had accidentally given me the wrong number; it was her boyfriend. I was so mad that I couldn't even look at her for a week. Then, she asked me how it went and I told her it was the first and last blind date I will ever go on.

— Gina, 18

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