If the Shoe Fits

I once went out on a blind date with this guy who had told me on the phone he wanted to spend the day with me. I thought this sounded good, and we agreed to go to a local place where they have a lot of factory outlets to shop in, as well as restaurants, sidewalk shows, etc. The day came and he picked me up and we were off. We got to the outlet place, parked, and began to wander around a bit. Up until this point, things were going pretty smoothly. We saw a discount shoe store, and my date asked me if I would mind going in, because he needed some new shoes. I said no, and in we went. He picked out a pair and tried them on, then said, "Here, feel!" while sticking his foot in my surprised face. "Feel what, exactly?" I asked. "My toes, feel my toes to see if the shoes fit!" he explained impatiently. Still startled that a 30 year old man would not know if his shoes fit or not, I began feeling the toes and trying my best to see if I could figure it out. Getting irritated, he jerked his foot away and informed me that his mother did it better than I did. I just looked at him and asked him if his mother still bought all his shoes for him as well? To my utter surprise, he said yes! After the shoe store fiasco, he announced he was hungry. Thinking maybe this date could be saved after all, I told him I was hungry too, why not get some lunch? He agreed and we walked for a little while to find a place to eat. He stopped at a candy store and went in without even saying anything to me. I followed, not really sure what he was doing. He purchased ONE candy bar, griped about paying $1 for it, and announced he was going home. I numbly followed him to his car and got in. He proceeded to eat the entire chocolate bar himself, all the while grumbling about paying $1 for it. The entire ride home, that was the only topic of conversation allowed. When he dropped me off at home, I made a run for the door and never looked back!

— April, 27

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