She Wouldn't Let Him Stay

I met a guy from an internet match site and we talked on line for a few weeks, and then on the phone for another week. He lived about an hour away from me and planned to drive up for dinner and a movie. Well that night I waited and waited and waited to hear from him and then, two hours after he should have been at my house, he called to say he was leaving and on his way with no explanation as to where he had been. I decided to let it go and meet him anyway. An hour and half later he called again and was lost, so I gave him directions from where he was and we hung up. Well, 20 minutes later he called back again and was still very lost, so I told him I would just meet him where he was and to stay there. He was in the parking lot of a low class buffet style restaurant in a bad part of town, and when I got there he seemed to be acting strange. He asked me if we could just eat there. I suggested that he follow me a little down the road and we eat someplace different, but when I walked over to his truck I saw a whole seat full of empty beer bottles. I thought it must have been from another time, but while he was following me, he was swerving all over the road and almost hit me twice. We finally got the restaurant and went in. He was hammered out of his mind. I thought coffee would be a good idea at the time, so he ordered some and never touched it. I asked him if he thought it was safe to be driving in his condition and tried to convey my annoyance that he showed up for a date with me drunk, but he couldn't even hold a conversation and he was being belligerent with our waiter. So, once we were done eating, I told him I was going home and that I thought he should go to a hotel and sleep it off before driving back home. He asked if he could just stay at my place, but that was so not going to happen! I offered to show him to a nearby hotel, but then he passed me on the way and pulled into a gas station. He told me he was fine and going to drive home, so I waited for a few minutes and when he came back out, he had a 12 pack of beer. I left and a few days later, when I saw him online, he told me that he got pulled over on the way home and had to spend the night in jail and it never would have happened if I had let him stay at my house.

— Adele, 31

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