Mr. Ignore

I met this gorgeous guy at a pub and we hit it off. He called me four days later and it happened to be my birthday, so I told him to meet up with me and my friend's at a club. At first, he seemed great, even showing up with a little gift. To make the story short, we ended up making out in his car ... and then he started talking. There's where he ruined it, he started to say things like he had missed me during the weekend after we met and that he loved me and that he wanted to kidnap me and have me for his own. Then, he asked if I wanted to leave my friends and go on a ride in his car. I obviously said no and called it a night. He was so quiet that I thought maybe it was the alcohol that made him say those stupid things, so I invited him to go to the movies with my best friend and her boyfriend … just to be safe. It was worse! We had nothing in common; he barely said hello to my friends or made an effort to talk to them. Then, we all went to get ice cream and he sat at a different table than my friends. He said he had to leave because he had work early in the morning, so I went outside to be nice and say goodbye and he started kissing me and saying all the stupid things he said before and worse. He began insisting that I take a ride with him. Now, work didn't seem to be important anymore. I said goodbye and, from that day on, he became Mr. Ignore on my cell phone.

— Victoria, 22

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