Spur of the Moment Date

This cute guy I just met asked me if I wanted to go to a bar with him. Me, being a spur of the moment kind of girl, said yes. When we got to the bar, we talked for a while then we ordered some drinks. After he chugged five glasses of beer, I told him I wanted to go home because he was acting immature. I asked him if I could drive because he drank a lot, but he said he could drink 10 beers before he would actually get drunk. Before I realized it, he had taken me to his house. I was so tired, that I decided to just stay the night at his house then get my friend to pick me up in the morning. When I went inside, I saw a board with all his used condoms pinned to it with the name and date of when it was used. I didn't say anything and just walked into his living room to crash on his couch. He then went upstairs to change his clothes. When I glanced at his couch, I saw all his dirty clothes on it, but that wasn't what made me become grossed out. Most of his underwear were hot pink thongs that had red stains on them!! I rushed to the phone and called my friend. She came when he was still changing, but I just left without leaving any message. Still, to this day, I have not seen or heard from him.

— Felicia, 19

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