He Didn't Understand

I was with a girlfriend on the beach and bumped into an old guy friend that I hadn't seen in a couple of years. He also had a friend with him that I thought was kind of cute. He was probably about ten years older than I was and I was attracted to him. They offered to buy us a hamburger at the restaurant across the street, so we decided that would be a nice idea since we were hungry. The older guy I thought was cute asked if he could take me out sometime and I gave him my phone number. That week he called me and I agreed to go out with him. We went out to dinner and we didn't seem to have that much to talk about. All he seemed to have to say was that he owned several businesses and he made all kinds of money and how he had four other Corvettes besides the one he picked me up in, and on and on about what he owned. I could care less that he had all those cars and stuff and it seemed like he was just trying to impress me. Afterwards, he drove to some secluded area in the woods and I was a little nervous about it. After all, I didn't really know this guy that well and he's going into the woods with me! It was so silent for a few moments and he started telling me how he didn't understand me! He said that most girls he ever met would be throwing themselves on him by now! That he was so well to do and so good looking, what was so different about me, that I wouldn't want to seduce him like they did! I just rolled my eyes and sighed a disgusted sigh and told him to take me home! I was relieved when he started his car and took me home!

— Melissa, 25

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