Bad Impression

I had met this great guy online. He was tall (6'6), smart and HOT. We shared the same undergraduate major and both planned on pursuing careers in law. We seemed like a match made in heaven. After about seven months, we decided to meet in New York for a date. The night of the date, my Mom's boyfriend made martinis. Note: I don't drink, but to escape the anxiety I had about meeting him, I took a drink. After one too many Martinis, I called him at 4 o'clock in the morning when he had to get up at 5 o'clock, talking about only God knows what!! He asked if I was crazy and called the next day to check on me and asked if I was crazy again. I was mortified! He agreed to meet me that night for the date. I was so distraught by the whole ordeal, I deliberately sabotaged the date. I dressed like a Punk Rocker (he was getting off work from Wall Street) and wore entirely too much makeup (I never wear reds). On top of that, I deliberately had no conversation and kept insisting on going home. After the date, I broke all communication off with him. A year later, I emailed him for his birthday and he was talking to me, but I blew that when I blew up on him for not being consistent while talking to me while he was at work. Now he won't even respond to an email. How embarrassing to leave an impression that is totally not me on this guy. He doesn't know me and had no desire to know me. That sucks! Word to the wise, don't drink and if you want something SAY IT ... you never know what you had until it's gone.

— Arlene, 25

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