Spring Formal

I was casually seeing a guy in college whom I had met through a friend of mine in the same fraternity. I was excited when he asked me to be his date at their spring formal. I was all dolled up and we were having a great time as I threw back the wine like I never had before. I kept making my date refill my cup as the night progressed. Not soon after, I was feeling fantastic...and then, suddenly, not so fantastic as the wine made me feel sick. I told my date I needed to sit down and I passed out at our table! I had never wanted to die so badly in my life! When I woke up, I couldn't even get up to go to the bathroom so I had to vomit in my wine glass and all over myself while my friend's girlfriend held my hair back. My friend also thought it was hilarious to film the whole event on his camcorder. When I got to the point where I could actually stand, my date had to take me home and it was only 10:30! Not to mention the fact that we had to take his ex-girlfriend who hated me home as well. He was a perfect gentleman and gave me a peck as he left my house, even though I had vomit-breath. Needless to say, he never asked me out again. I'm sure he was delighted to tell his friends that his date for the formal event was the one passed out and puking at the table ... and they all had it on tape.

— Suzanne, 26

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