Dishonest Internet Date

He was the nicest guy you could ever want to hear from. His picture was of a man who had bright, sparkly brown eyes; the type that made you feel like he was alive and aware. He had a full and beautiful head of brown hair. His letters compelled me to want to tell him more about me and also to learn more about him. I know that they say that looks are the first thing and the last thing ... the first thing that attract, and the last thing that ever really should matter ... However, I am 5'5" and he said he was 5'10". When we met, he came up to my ear lobe. His picture showed a man with a great smile and brown hair, all over his head. I met a man who had a circle of grey and was bald at the top. We all try to put our best foot forward, and for many, this internet method of dating provides a faceless anonymity; but, please try to put honesty above all else. That way, if someone is going to reject you, it is for who you truly are and not for anyone else....

— Rhianna, 34

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