A Very Short Relationship

My story is more about a relationship then a date; a very short relationship! I met my boyfriend through one of those online matchmaking services. He sent me an email letting me know that he was interested in meeting me, I then went to the site to check out his profile. I thought he looked really good, and I just loved what it said on his profile. Since he had sent me his number on that email in case I was interested and wanted to call him, that's just what I did. I called him we got to talk for a few minutes and we really hit it off. By now, I was very interested; he seemed like a nice guy. He had all the qualities I liked (or so I thought) to see on his profile, and over the phone he mentioned that he was taught to always respect women. He even told me that he was the kind of guy that likes spending most of his time with his girlfriend, spoiling her; so of course, I loved what I was hearing. Well, we talked a couple of times and we liked each other so much we became boyfriend and girlfriend over the phone! I actually met him a few days later, and it was the one of the best days of my life. I had things to take care of that day and he was sweet enough to tell me that no girlfriend of his was going to be on foot, so he offered to take me to do them. Well, like I said, it was great! I had a great day and he really seemed to have loved it too! He dropped me off at home and told me he would call me later. I didn't know by "later" he meant two weeks later. During that whole time, I would try to call him and he wouldn't answer his phone. Then, he seemed to have an excuse for every time he stood me up. After that, I started to really miss him and he told me he really missed me to. He called me up at 4 in the morning almost a month later and told me he just got out of a gig and that he wanted to see me. Well, I missed him so much that I agreed to have him pick me up. It was going to be his birthday that next day, so I gave him an early birthday present … me! After that, he told me that he loved me so much and that he was going to change his cell phone so no one has it but me. We were supposed to go purchase his other birthday gift the next day! Well, he changed his cell phone number all right, but he never called me back and we never went to get his gift. He doesn't even know it's over, because he never called back!

— Jessica, 23

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