I Lost him in the Crowds

I met this guy who worked in a clothing store (I was all of 19; this was decades ago!) and we seemed to hit it off. He asked me out and I accepted. He picked me up (boy, was I naive! I would never let some stranger drive me in his car on the first date - I have wised up) and we went to the zoo. All the way to the zoo, he was telling me really off-color, very dirty jokes. Normally, it wouldn't bother me that much if I knew the guy. But, I was getting bad vibes. He thought he was so funny, telling me these atrocious jokes. He was acting overly-familiar with me, like touching my leg in the car, etc. I was really getting turned off. We got to the zoo and there were crowds all over - jam packed with people. I gradually "lost" him in the crowd, ran back to his car and left him a note, saying, "This is not working out," called my roommate (luckily she was home or I would've cabbed home), and she came and picked me up. It was the date from hell. To top things off, a few days later, he called me about 2:00 in the morning, drunker than a skunk, and wanted to come over! I hung up on him and never (thankfully) heard from him again.

— Katrina, 42

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