Soho Date

I met this guy at a club one night (I know, bad move). We talked and he said he would like to take me out to dinner. We exchanged numbers and he called me and invited me over to his place. We agreed that we weren't sure what to do, so he said to come over and play some board games. I thought it was lame, but what the hell, I hadn't been around the opposite sex in awhile. So, I went to his Soho apartment. I got there and it looked like street people had been living there. He had no furniture, clothes, or equipment and crap was everywhere. After seeing this, I was completely turned off. Then, he told me, "Oh, I don't have scrabble," and that he didn't feel like playing any games. He proceeded to touch me like we were actually going to have sex. He also pulled his penis out to show it to me. I told him we weren't going to have sex, but he was persistent even after I told him no several times. I decided to leave, so I went the bathroom. He opened the door while I was in there and said, "I am starting to feel weird; I need you to leave." I told him I was leaving anyway. I never heard from that skinny, ugly freak again.

— Nina, 21

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