Where Did he Go?

I had met this guy online who was in the Navy. He was really good looking and for about a month we keep in touch through e-mail and instant messaging. After about a month, we started talking on the phone. It was great. His voice was amazing and we really seemed to have a lot in common. After two months of talking on the phone and online, we decided to meet. It was awesome. I was not a believer in love at first sight, but I have to say I am now. We started dating and it can only be described as great. He was amazing; he took the time to meet my family, the time to get to know all of my friends, and really took the time to get to know me. We not only had a strong physical connection, but a really strong emotional connection too. Two months into our relationship, I couldn't take it any longer, all I wanted to do was have him in the one way I hadn't already had him. I was taking care of my friend's house while she and her family were away on vacation and decided that would be the perfect time and place to have sex with him. We went to her house and used her guest room, of course. It was great, or at least I thought so. Well, me being a virgin surprised him, but like any other guy, he was more excited than turned away. The night ended by him driving me home and us having a long hug and kiss goodnight. Neither of us wanted the night to end. I haven't talk to him since. I tried for almost three weeks with no luck to call him, e-mail him, instant message him, and even text messaging him. It has been almost three months since the night I slept with him. I still don't know what happened and don't think I ever will.

— Chelsea, 18

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