How Could I Be So Wrong?

I met this wonderful man on line several months ago. He is an excellent writer and we became very flirty with each other online and via telephone. We actually shared sexual secrets and fantasies that were real turn-ons for both of us. Our e-mail conversations were X-rated! We finally decided to meet in person. When we met, he was so shy and reserved, that I imagined I was making love to a young boy when in reality he is a grown man! He did not know his way around a woman's body and didn't know how to ask either. Very uncomfortable and totally unsatisfying, to say the least. When we parted, I felt like I just made love to my brother and knew that I could not resume any romantic relationship with him from that point on. We still remain friends and will always stay in contact. I am glad we met and I will continue to keep him a part of my life because he really is a kind and wonderful man.

— Donna, 53

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