He Wouldn't Take No for an Answer

When I was a junior in high school, I went out with 2 guys; one was a friend, the other not so much of one. After graduation, we went to a movie and then they took me to a punk bar downtown (I was 18 and they were 18 and 19). My friend went and danced, and the other one stayed with me. He then tried to "marry" me when we met a self-proclaimed "minister" at the bar. Later, we walked around outside and he kept trying to get me to put my hand in the pocket of his overalls to check and make sure his shorts were still up. We went back inside and upstairs to dance. At one point, he cornered me by the window, cupped my head in his hands, and leaned over for what I thought was going to be a kiss. It ended up being his tongue down my throat for a good couple of minutes! When we left later, he talked my friend into riding home with someone else so he could drive me home since I lived fairly close to him. He took a detour on our way home to some dirt roads under the highway near the river bottom. He got out and sat on the hood, then asked me to come and sit with him. He shared a cigarette with me, and then his hands got busy and I learned a quick lesson in defensive wrestling. I ran to the back of the car. He came around and apologized, and then when he hugged me in apology (I was a naive 18-year old, I believed it at first!), his hands started up again, and he started kissing me. I fell backwards and he fell on top of me. I wiggled some more and my knee came up hard between his legs. He then gave up and said, "I think it's time I took you home," and he did. When we got there, he tried yet again with an arm around my shoulder, saying, "So, can we try this again some other time?" I said I didn't think so and got out of his car. As I walked up to the front door, he squealed his tires leaving, and yelled out, "F*** YOU!!!" at the top of his lungs as he sped down the street. Luckily, he'd graduated and I didn't have to worry about seeing him the next year! I was pretty lucky, too, that nothing serious did happen to me. I learned some lessons that night for sure.

— Marie, 18

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