Her Heart Overruled Her Head

I met a man on the internet who was working at the Big Dig in Boston, MA. We appeared to have many common threads, became engaged, and had a continuing, long-distance relationship for 16 months. Many, many telephone calls and declarations of his love for me. However, I made the terrible mistake of loaning him a great deal of money and he agreed to purchase an automobile from me (the loan was in my name). Things went pretty good until he was injured on his job in March 2003. He made regular payments on the money owed and the vehicle until his injury. But, it seems that his injury was questionable and he was going to have to fight for his worker's compensation. The biggest problem was the "lack of communication" about these issues and never once did he apologize for not being able to pay his obligations since July 2003. Because of the lack of communication and his lack of concern for my financial crisis, I requested that he return the vehicle. He took the vehicle as far as Allentown, PA and left it at a truck stop and gave me very little details as to how I could locate the vehicle. After much research, I located the vehicle, only to discover that there was $975 damage to the vehicle that he failed to reveal to me. I have been trying (without success) to recover approximately $10,000 that this "jerk" owes me. I don't even have a clue how to go about reporting this to the authorities and if I even have any recourse. I would just like to say that I believe the internet is a good place for singles to meet; however, do not do as I did and let your heart overrule your head. To me, this has been a very costly mistake and I will probably have to chalk it up as an expensive one. If you meet someone and they avoid answering direct questions with direct answers -- B E W A R E! The signs were definitely there and I chose to ignore them.

— Katrina, 31

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