He's Got Another Thing Coming

I had a party and invited this guy that I had always thought was attractive. I really just invited him for a friend of mine that was very shy around other people; it was a friend of his and I didn't want him to feel left out. Casually, I made my rounds through the people. When I got to this guy, we had a lot in common. About the only thing different was the taste in music. I had listened to him say he hated being single and wanted a girlfriend, but it was so hard to find someone with his interests. A light went off in my head; I had to date this guy, he was so perfect. However, I was so nervous about the whole thing, I couldn't do it until later when we both were online. I asked him then, and he said yes. I was so happy. My friends never liked him from the start; he was 2 years younger than me, and at times he could be really immature. But he was so cute and sweet, I couldn't resist. About a week into the relationship, I picked him up from work and blindfolded him. I took him back to my house, where I had prepared a candlelit dinner on my deck. I had a candle on the table and little tea light candles all around the table. Very romantic mood. He was so shocked by it all; I think he really enjoyed it. The longer I dated him, the more I was just so sure that he and I would be together for a great number of years. One day, I called him to see if he was busy. He said no, but he couldn't do anything. He wanted me to go home and check my email immediately. I was really curious about that, so I agreed and hung up. I got home, and there was an email from him stating that he thought we got into it too fast, and he really only thinks of me as an older sister type, not a girlfriend. He hoped that I understood, and that we could continue to be friends. I was so hooked on this guy, I couldn't just shut him out of my life completely, so I agreed. Everything was fine. I still would have taken him back in a heartbeat at any moment, but he didn't want to. One Sunday afternoon, he called and said he was bored and wanted to know if he could come over. We were going to watch movies. Sure, I said, no problem. He got there and popped the movie in. We were watching it, and I could see him out of the corner of my eye just staring at me. Finally, I turned to him and asked what he was doing. He calmly said, "I think I'm falling for you again." I was like, "Really?" I thought this guy was going to ask me back out, and everything would be great again. We made out for what seemed like hours, finished the movie, and he went home. I was confident that he and I were back together. He never acted like that again, until about a month later when he called me again, stating he was bored. We made out again, but this time I wanted to know if he was just doing this because he was horny, or if it actually meant anything to him. He never gave me a straight answer, so I told him that we had to stop because, even though I could have made a life of kissing him, it was just wrong to do so if he was just kissing me because he could. I was starting to feel used. He said he was okay with that. I ran into an ex of his a week ago, and she and I were comparing things that he had said, and they almost matched perfectly. I found some other ex girlfriends, and their stories are similar as well. So, we all are going to put our heads together and get him back for thinking he can string a girl along, making her think he likes her, but really doesn't care about her. I was nice, and invited him to my most recent party, trying to be nice about it all. But, he had the nerve to make demands. If he was going to be at this party, he was going to be the DJ, and I had to keep my friend Marcy off his back. She was always yelling at him for the way he treated me. They were constantly at each other's throats. There was always so much drama because it was hard to be the mediator for my boyfriend who I cared so much for, and my friends whom I cared for also. I wanted them to get along; be able to be in the same room with each other without yelling at one another. Oh well, he is a little player that thinks he is just king of the world and gets whoever he wants. Then he dumps them like yesterday's news. He has another thing coming!!

— Kelli, 22

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