Dental Problem Date

I really don't like too even think about this night, but I will explain. I was just finishing up the last touches on my hair and make up, when the door bell rings. I was flustered; I open the door only to find a very attractive man with every thing you can imagine. But, when he said hello, all I could think of was Mike Tyson! Except, this guy had a gap in his teeth so big I could of kicked a field goal through it. Not to mention that his voice was identical to Richard Simmons. So, now, what do I do, run out on the guy? We get to the restaurant and I was so embarrassed to have him speak to the waiter, that I asked him what he wanted before the waiter got there. When the waiter asked me what I wanted, I spoke up before my date could and ordered for him. Needless to say, my date picked up on that and asked me if there was a problem. I said no, trying not to look at him. He stood up and shouted in front of everyone at the place, "What, do you have a problem with my big gap and tiny fag voice? What? Is that it? Huh?" By this time, I am almost going to piss my pants from holding back my laughter. Then, he calls me a judgmental witch and tells me my breasts are too big and cause swelling in my brain. He left me there. Some other guy came up to me and told me that my chest was just fine and he wanted to buy me a drink. The end. P.S. I got rid of the ugly one!

— Marlene, 27

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