He Turned into a Jerk

This guy and I met at camp when we were about 14. We kept in touch for quite a few years afterwards. Finally, he moved to my home town, and I fell in love with him all over again. He was really sweet when we were at camp, but then he had turned into a complete asshole over the years. My friends tried to tell me he was a jerk, but I wouldn't listen. All I thought about was how he was so sweet back then. We got together, and two of my friends and their boyfriends and my boyfriend and I all went to the movies together. While my friends were making out with their boyfriends at the back of the theater, my boyfriend was holding my hand. There was a girl sitting on the other side of him, one that we didn't know, and he kept on looking at her. I wasn't thinking about it, but when he left for a "drink", she got up too. They were gone for 15 minutes, and I got suspicious. I looked in the lobby, and there, tucked in a little corner, was my boyfriend with the girl. They weren't just making out, but his hand was up her shirt and down her pants, and she was running one hand in his hair and one between his legs. They were completely all over each other! I dragged my friends to the car, and we left. My "friend" called me later and asked why I left. I just hung up on him, and I haven't talked to him since.

— Nicole, 20

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