I Thought it was a Color

I was set up with a blind date through a friend. I talked to this guy on the phone and asked him to describe himself. He told me he was tall, blue eyes, and dirty blonde hair. He sounded ok, so I decided to go out with him. We agreed to meet at a restaurant. I got there and waited, when all of a sudden a car pulled up to the front of the place, where I was standing. It was my date, being dropped off by his father! The first thing he asked me was could I drive him back home again. I said yes, and he told his father he had a ride home. The father left. I looked at this guy and he was wearing a polyester shirt that was dark gold color, brown polyester pants, and old falling apart shoes. I decided I shouldn't make any snap judgments, because maybe he was just poor. Then I looked at his hair. Up until that point, I always thought "dirty blonde" referred to a color, NOT a description! He looked (and smelled) like he hadn't bathed in WEEKS! I somehow got through the meal, managed to discourage the many moves he tried to make on me, and drove him home. He called for weeks and weeks after that, wanting a second date. I let my roommate answer the phone!

— Maryanne, 27

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