The Wrong Guy

After I graduated high school, I went to a local community college and took up bowling as a P.E. class. In the class was this guy that I thought was totally hot and was everything a girl could want. He was a skater, a surfer, had his tongue pierced, and was built. So, after a week or so, I made a bet with him after class for a round of bowling, and the bet would be ANYTHING! He understood and agreed; we played and I purposely lost. A few days later, he called me at work and wanted to claim his "prize". I told him to come over at 11pm (my parents worked 3rd shift) and he did. Well, needless to say, that night was the greatest sex night EVER! We spoke again a few days later and he told me that he has a roommate (girls, if a guy ever tells you this and you NEVER meet the "roommate", he's still attached). Well, I showed up a few hours later, waited at the front door and his girlfriend answered the door. There was a cat fight, but me, the stupid young one, stayed with him for 5 years (hey the sex was great, actually it was the best!) But, you can only take it for so long. A few weeks after the final breakup, I met this wonderful guy that treated me like a lady, and 5 years later we are happily married with a little baby on the way! I think the sex is greater now because it is with a person I am in love with.

— Marsha, 27

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