Bad Arm

My friend encouraged me to try on-line dating, so I signed up with a service and started sending and receiving emails of interest. One man seemed nice and he lived locally, so we agreed to meet for breakfast on a Saturday morning. There was no "love connection," but we sat outside and had a friendly chat over coffee. Soon, the sun got too hot and we moved inside to order some food. As he sat down at the table inside, I caught sight of something I hadn't noticed: the man was missing an arm! The missing arm was a shock because I hadn't realized it, BUT the real issue was that he had the absolute worst prosthetic limb I've EVER seen. It was so bad, I gasped when I saw it. The fake arm was like a large, home made, giant popsicle stick painted in a color that didn't even come close to matching his skin. Medicine has come a long way in creating prosthetic arms and legs, but it was obvious that this man had skipped science and made his own arm (seriously). Of course, I didn't want him to feel bad, so I pretended not to notice and we finished breakfast just fine (with no further contact - I didn't answer his follow-up email). The sad part is that he probably thinks women don't dig him because of the missing arm, but it's the one he spray-painted and glued on that's the problem!

— Julie, 33

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