Internet Con Guy

This is very much so a true story and just happened to me recently. This guy appeared to be the most decent, caring man. A single father, divorced, had 2 teenage kids, appeared to be the perfect father and very much involved with his family. He is handsome and an excellent talker. However, he snowed me! He goes on the chat rooms or IM's people with interesting profiles on AOL, and then gives you his story of trials and tribulations of being a single dad trying to look for love. Boy what a crock of crap! He deserves to win an Oscar for his performance as a great guy, father, whatever! He gets you hooked by talking to you for a while on the net, and then tries to get you to call him, or meeting him somewhere; once he gains your confidence of course. He did this to me. We went out, hit it off right, or so I thought. He got along great with my children, keep emphasizing how wonderful my children were, they were always the topic, or his children. But, this was all a scheme to make you believe that's all he cared about. He gains your trust, gets you wanting to be in a relationship with him, tells you, "Oh, I want to be serious," or, "I am very serious, I want this relationship with you really bad, but I want us to take it slowly, and I don't want to rush into saying anything, but love is on my mind." When he sees that you've fallen, the relationship takes a quick turn into being simply a "sex thing," and that's all he wants. He, of course, then starts to back off and you see less and less of him. His excuses being things like, he's such a great busy father, dealing w/his teenagers, got to run, got to take my son/daughter to the mall/dances/games/sports. All of this had me really believing him. The calls became minimal and he would always put me on hold, cut me off and tell me to call him back, or he'll call me back. All of this even though, according to him, he's always available for me. Well, a great man in my life exposed him! He convinced another friend, who was an internet buddy, to chat with him, interact with him, and set bait for him. She told him she was a single mom who, like me, was looking for decent people to hang out with. He didn't even hesitate, and he never told her he had a relationship/girlfriend, or anything. He gave her his phone numbers; and only admitted after she asked him a couple times, that he had a girlfriend. He said he wasn't serious with me and lied that I was trying to entrap him into marriage. This was a total lie; I told him first off I am not into marriage, nor do I believe in living with another man, at least not into he proves himself to me for a long time (years). Then, he said I was psycho (not true), and lots of other BS. During this time, he would cut me off in conversation, telling me, "I've got to run, got to take my son somewhere." I found out he hung up on me to continue his conversation with her (I would so happen to call him, while he was already on the phone with her). He also tried getting her to go meet with him for coffee, lunch, dinner, drink dates, anything. She kept turning him down, but kept him interested in by calling him (she never gave out her number) and discussing how he was basically using me, until he found better. He would tell me, "I can't see you tonight; I really wish I could, but I've got to take my daughter to her event tonight." I found out he went out and met some friends, or went out with another woman to his local hangout. He even asked if I had any friends for his cheating best friend who was married. When he did come to see to me, promising a night on the town or dinner, he basically talked me of going out and staying in, so we could have sex. It turned out to be (yeah, I was naive, so naive) that it was purely a sexually thing. I was beginning to feel used, but when my great somebody told me he set him up with another girl and had her find out info on him, she trapped him into asking her out (she said it was just too fast, too easy). He investigated and got his true information. He told me the guy is a true con man, convincing women he's so nice and decent and his story checks out only a little. First of all, he takes all the time in world to talk with you on the computer. Once he gains your trust, you agree to meet him, thinking he's being honest. Then, he introduces you to his kids, proving what a great single dad he is. He's not. He's using his kids as an excuse to get in bed with females he latches on to from the net. Plus, the question to me was, "His son is 15 and his daughter is 18 and graduating. They are practically grown, why would they spend all they're time with their father, when kids usually that age dump parents for their cool friends?" I mean, they have too many peers at that age, too many things going on; the last thing they want is to hang out with their folks all the time (not all kids, but most kids leave their parents for their friends). In any event, I got doped! He fooled me, and was bragging to his cheating partner in crime about it. The girl he chatted with on the internet said that he said it was too easy to get "laid." Women are stupid and believe anything. When I finally heard the truth, I dumped his sorry butt right away! Too bad I didn't know 2 weeks earlier, or I wouldn't have gone as far as I did. But, I learned a valuable lesson and well, just be careful ladies. Men will tell you exactly what you want to hear, take the time to gain your trust, even prove to you that they are sweethearts. But, it's all a scam to get you in the sack and a notch on their belt!

— Tammy, 38

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