Foul Date

I met this guy on an on-line dating site and after a few e-mails, we spoke on the phone to arrange a date. He lived down the shore, so the drive was over an hour, which wasn't too bad. When I arrived at my date's house, he greeted me in a t-shirt covered with paint and sawdust, since he decided he would still continue working on his house while I just stood there. But, he was good looking and quite intelligent, so I figured it would be worth seeing what develops. We went out to a nearby restaurant, where we proceeded to take a seat at the bar. We were in the process of ordering drinks when this awful, foul odor permeated the air. I guess my date was rather nervous because the stench of flatulence was so bad. I started coughing and looking around to see where it came from. It was just too overwhelming to ignore; and it couldn't be blamed on anyone but him, since there was nobody else within 10 feet of us. I know he smelled it too, but that didn't stop him from leaning over to try to stick his tongue down my throat at that very moment! His timing was awful, considering I opted to practically stick my nose in my drink to cover up the stench!

— Sara, 31

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