The Vice President

Several years ago, I met a wonderful man from New York. His business card said that he was a Vice President. We had one night of bliss and then I did not hear from him for several months. I did not live in New York, but was happy to fly to meet him. It was another wonderful night, but there was a feeling that he was not all he claimed to be. He was tall, dark, with a nice body and I thought handsome in a rugged way. I flew to New York, always paying my own way, several more times. He came into my city 4-5 times a year, so it was a long distance affair. He claimed to belong to a private club and talked about needing a tux and the parties he attended. He always ordered the best wines. I met him at a convention in Canada and that was a disaster. His room was small and not rated for a Vice President. I learned he was a business manager for an organization, and the Vice Presidency was a sham appointment. He really wanted to play the field in Canada and I was dismayed that he had not booked a room that had a double bed; twin beds were not in my game plan. I tried to seem ok with his wandering eye and even sent some signals of my own. But then, the phone rang for me in his room and he was furious. It led to a terrible argument and I left without knowing if I would ever see him again. At the airport, his best friend was there; maybe he sent him, I will never know. I cried on his shoulder and he finally told me that the man of my dreams was married, which I had kind of known. Not only that, he was living with his wife and two children in his in-law's basement! I could not reconcile with that, because lots of young people leave home, make their own way, and do just fine. The private club was the Moose Club in his small town and the tux was rented. He, on the other hand, seemed to just think that the world owed him a living because he came from a large family and his Mom died when he was young. My business was doing well and I was prospering because of hard work and a few good choices. It felt as if he would always be an underdog. I did see him several times after that; the physical part of our relationship was always wonderful. He called all the time, and it was so hard not to see him because he was transferred to my town. I gave him plausible excuses and never saw him again. He divorced his wife and called with that news, but I felt he was a total loser. Then he lost his job, called me and proceeded to advise me that he was going to move in and take over my business for me. He planned to do all the work I was already doing, fire and hire employees, etc. He did commit at that time, telling he that he cared for me a great deal. He has always been hard to forget, but I realize it would have been a total disaster to stay with him. I am sure he is most likely in Florida with some rich widow living off her inheritance.

— Kate, 34

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