Drunk and Disorderly

I'd never had a boyfriend before, when a co-worker decided to try and hook me up with his best friend. The first time we got to spend time together, we had a small get-together (4 people) at a friend's house. We were drinking beer and having a great time, when everyone decided to go for a walk. It was around midnight in an affluent neighborhood, so four drunken teenagers staggering down the road looked a little suspicious and out-of-the-ordinary. When a cop car silently pulled up the road; the other two guys ran, leaving me and my new boyfriend caught like deer in the cop car's headlights. The cops got out and asked us what was going on. My guy became instantly hostile, leading on to the fact that he was drunk. After some interrogation, the cops proceeded to try and arrest him. Big mistake. My guy struggled. The cops got him on the floor, at which time he proceeded to bang his head against the pavement. Before long, blood was gushing everywhere. His head was cut open and bleeding. Pools of blood collected on the pavement. Snot was flying. Boogers, spit, and other bodily fluids were flinging into the cops' faces. I was sitting on the curb, quiet and incredibly embarrassed, watching the whole ugly scene unfold. It took two cops to get the little 110 pound guy into the back of the car, and only after they had maced him, were they finally able to do that. All along, he kept spitting and yelling at them, banging his head and his fists against the cop car, opening more wounds. In the end, they determined that an ambulance would be a better vehicle for him. I met him in the ER next day, where they determined him suicidal and forced him to sign a suicide "contract," promising that he would not inflict any further damage upon himself.

— Anna, 18

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