Strapless Bikini Top

My boyfriend and I decided to go to the beach. When we were there, we met up with a few other guys and girls and played volleyball. It started out okay, but when I dove to save the ball from hitting the ground, my bikini top (strapless) caught on the net and ripped off of me and my wrist got caught in the net. I flashed everyone who we were playing with, including the guys! My boyfriend tried to rescue the top for me, but it was stuck fast and ripped. So, I had to try to cover myself with one hand (my other was still stuck in the net), while my boyfriend ran all the way back to our spot and grabbed one of his T-shirts. It took him at least ten minutes, and all of the other guys were "trying to help me" when they were really trying get another good look at my chest or feel me up. By the time he got back, my wrist was free, I had been asked several times for my phone number, and I was thoroughly embarrassed. But, my boyfriend didn't have a T-shirt! He said he had accidentally left it at home. So, I had to use a hat to cover my breasts as we walked out. My boyfriend was laughing the whole time, and it's safe to say I don't wear strapless bikini tops to the beach anymore!

— Noreen, 20

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