Want Another Chance

I met this man on the internet and we corresponded for a year before we finally met. You know when you see someone for the first time and instantaneously, it's love at first sight? Well, my heart did flip flop's and my stomach experienced millions of butterflies. He said we would meet again, soon. Soon turned into 4 years and I still loved him (foolish me). We met again and I had the opportunity to show him how I felt, but misread the cues he sent me. He too wanted to experience the hot, steamy coupling we both dreamed of. I missed the cues; how sorry I am that I missed the cues. I wrote to him again, asking to try again, give us another chance. He told me he wasn't ready. Please, let's try again. No response. I'm devastated since I've never felt this kind of emotion before. I only know that I love this man. I'm sorry for whatever he's feeling, I just want another chance.

— Morgan, 26

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