I met a guy who I fell madly in love with; he would send me messages saying, "I love you more and more with every beat of my heart!" I have extremely large breasts and he came to the hospital with me while I had a consultation with the surgeon about a reduction. He said he would stand by me; he loved me, he adored me. He was made redundant and he had no money, so I would pay for things and support him. He then got depressed and got signed off work from his new job, which he then walked out on because he was upset and would cry all the time. I loved him so much I stood by him; I would buy him presents and try to make him feel better. Then, he got an interview for a really good job. I was pleased because I was in debt through the money I spent on him and us. To keep our relationship going, we spent Christmas and New Years together. He got the job. I cooked him a meal to celebrate; he next day he said to me, "I don't love you, sorry," then practically accused me of trying to buy his love. He said, "You could buy me a Ferrari and it wouldn't make me love you." I cried until I vomited and couldn't breathe; I died that day and I still can't believe it, that was two months ago. The biggest slap in the face is that two days later, he was dating someone else. Now, he got his sanity back and a good job he doesn't need me around like a mug and all because I believed him when he said I love you. I can't stop crying.

— Stella, 41

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