Disappointing Deception

I met a man on the Christian cafe last summer. I thought he was the one. He wrote that he was a Christian and had high morals and values, and that he was handsome. He had a PhD and had many talents. I wrote him and his emails were short and vague. When I met him for the first time, I noticed he was kind of depressed and I thought maybe something was bugging him. He never wanted to be the one to call me, although in the beginning, he returned a few of my calls. I told him if he didn't have time to get to know me I would move on, he said no. He was always giving me mixed messages. I told him I didn't like to be the one to call all the time. I always tried to get him to break it off with me, but he was such a jerk, always saying he may get back with his ex-wife who is 17 years his senior. I was being rejected on the relationship level, but at the end, he was asking for a sexual friendship! His profile stated he was looking for marriage! Guess he didn't want to marry me, but wanted to sleep with me. How disappointing this was and the biggest letdown ever as I really thought God was in the picture. It was the worst deception ever. Had I not been traveling so much, I might have paid more attention to the signs. We are both in our 40's, so it just goes to show you can make mistakes at any age.

— Olivia, 43

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