Date with the Klutz

My friend Karen was going out with Harry last year in December. She wanted me to start going out with Rob, who was Harry's best friend. She thought it would be 'cute' or something. We were all planning to go on a double date to a movie at some point, but I was grounded. The only time I would've been able to go was during a basketball game and that's exactly what I did. Well, it was a bad time to go see a movie at any rate, so we ended up seeing some really stupid movie about police officers. Or rather, I ended up seeing a really stupid movie about police officers. Rob started out by saying, "Ooh, your hand is cold," and began warming my hand, which wasn't so bad. Then, he reached across me to grab my other hand to warm it, knocking the coke over. All he really did was twist my arm uncomfortably. So, I told him to just put his arm around me or something. He proceeded to do so and ended up spending the entire time we were in the theater staring at me. Our faces were about three inches apart (my head was on his shoulder) and he was STARING at me! I might add he had horrible breath and spit when he talked - right on my face. So, I was very uncomfortable, unhappy, and feeling sorry for myself; insisting it couldn't get any worse. But, it did. He grabbed my face to kiss me and smacked my teeth right off of his. Well, Karen is now dating Rob. Yes, that's right; they both got what they deserved.

— Marie, 18

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