Big Jerk

I work at a law firm and I saw this guy who always came in our office. I thought he was pretty hot; he was a vendor of ours. So, I got up the nerve to give him a call and we chatted. The conversation went well and we setup a date. Funny thing, he lived right on the next street from me. So, he picked me up and we went to dinner about five minutes away from our houses to this awesome sushi/hibachi place I chose. We ordered a bottle of wine, appetizer, and dinner. He then started feeling around for his wallet. He said, "Uh, oh, I don't have my wallet, maybe I left it in the car." He checked the car and came back to tell me that he left his wallet at home. He didn't even offer to go get it with an, "I'll be right back," or anything, especially since we were only five minutes from his house. I ended up putting the $80.00 bill on my credit card. He took me home and apparently thought he was going to get somewhere with me. He never even offered to pay me back or anything. What a jerk!

— Alicia, 27

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