Blind Date Nightmare

About nine years ago, I went on my first of only two blind dates ever. A co-worker suggested I call her husband's friend, saying he was divorced with a three-year-old daughter. I called him and we spoke for about four hours. We talked on the phone two or three more times (all very long conversations... he was very easy to talk to) after which we decided to meet for dinner and a movie. I suggested to him that I drive (in case I needed a get-away). I drove to his home which was a very nice looking place. I knocked on the door and the most God awful UGLY guy I had ever seen opened the door. He was fat and had yellow snaggled teeth. I instantly prayed he was a roommate or buddy. I wanted to run like fire from that doorway, but decided I did not want to be cruel. So, we did go to dinner and a movie, and I dropped him off at the end of his driveway praying he would get the hint not to invite me in. He did get the hint, thank God, and I went home. When I returned to work, I asked my co-worker, "What gave you any idea I would think he was even remotely attractive?" Her answer was, "But he is such a nice guy." True, but if I cannot stand the sight of you, I do not care how nice you are.

— Jessica, 36

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