I Never Laughed So Hard

My boyfriend and I went out with some friends of his on their boat out in the bay. Staying out too long, it became a challenge coming back into the channel. Boats were deserted on sand barges all around us, and I was kind of scared. Back at the dock we all exited the boat and proceeded up the hill to the restrooms. We met back at the dock. I was wearing big clunky high-heeled sandals, shorts, and a tank top. He had on a t-shirt, shorts and deck shoes. We were chatting there for a few minutes when I suggested we go down the three tiered dock and help his friend unload the boat. He agreed and stepped onto the first ramp leading to the first deck area. Somehow he slipped and proceeded to roll all the way down not one, not two, but all three ramps and stopped just short of falling right off into the water. It happened in such slow motion that I just lost it, I fell to the ground and rolled around laughing, laughing so hard I was crying. Another friend made it back from the restroom and asked where he was and what was wrong with me. I still couldn't talk, I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to die. All I could do was point down to the dock just as he stopped rolling. His friend ran down to see if he was okay, but I couldn't stop laughing, I tried and tried but I kept laughing. We got in his friends van and drove to a car wash to rinse the boat off and I was still laughing so hard they made me get out of the van. We got to his friend's house and I was till laughing. I laid down to sleep because I had an early flight to catch the next day and still laughed and laughed. The next day, I prayed, "Please don't let me think of this on the plane," but guess what? I did, and I laughed and laughed like a moron by myself on the plane until I cried with everyone just staring at me. No matter how foolish I may have looked to the people on the plane it paled in comparison to how he looked tumbling down that deck.

— Brenda, 22

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