Fifth Strike, You're Out!

I was having a casual Sunday night get together with an ex-boyfriend to watch our favorite TV show. He is an 'ex' since after trying 'dating', he would eventually stop calling and disappear. This happened on and off four times over two years. Because I didn't want anything again that would lead to disappointment, being just friends was fine with me. Anyway, after the TV show ended, and after two months of being broken up, he asked me out to see a movie. He said he would make dinner before, wrote out directions and a map to his new house, and described Christmas gifts he had for me (since he dumped me two weeks before the holiday). I was hesitant to accept since he blew me off in the past, but I said we can 'try' for it. I told him to let me know it was for sure the day of date. He said this was DEFINITE, and that he would be making filet mignon. He sounded TOTALLY sincere, and tried VERY hard for me to say yes. He told me three times that evening that he would call the next night. I was so excited that he wanted a relationship again and was not going to mislead me. Well, guess what? He blew it off. I heard NOTHING, not even an email to cancel. A few days later, I emailed him and asked why he made all these plans and then blew it off. Three days later he emailed back saying, "Yeah, sorry about it. Decided to work late. Have job done now. Today is first day off." Nothing about another date, nor an explanation as to why he set up this date as a SURE thing, yet didn't even bother to cancel. Boy, was I set up! I haven't heard from him again. I still can't understand why someone would go to all the effort to plan a date, ignore the whole thing, and be fine about it. What a mean jerk.

— Misty, 20

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