Formal Affair Fails

My dating disaster might not be the worst ever, but it sure was the worst for me. A friend of mine set me up on a blind date. He told me a little about the guy, enough to have me interested. The guy called, and I foolishly agreed to go to a black-tie affair with him on our first date. I had a nice strapless dress that accentuated my assets. I thought it would be fun. He picked me up and we went to his friend's townhouse for a pre-party get together. There were a lot of people there. As soon as we walked in, one friend was up on a balcony and said, "Hey, Doug, I can see right down your date's dress!" As it turned out, the whole lot of them were snobs. I wasn't part of their clique and I wasn't going to be, either. One girl took me aside and said that she knew what it was like to feel like an "outsider." Yeah, that made me feel really welcome. Eventually it was time to go to the shindig. We arrived, and my date sat me down at a table and immediately went to the bar to get a bottle of Jagermeister and some shot glasses. Leaving me at the table with some older ladies who had absolutely no idea who I was, and were not about to find out, my date proceeded to parade around the party trying to get people to do shots of Jagermeister. Practically everyone turned him down. It seemed this was his 'thing', and not many were interested. After sitting there being totally ignored, I went to the bathroom. I decided then and there to leave. I wondered how long it would take my date to even notice that I was gone. I figured I could get to a phone and call a friend to come and get me. It wasn't that far to the house anyway. So, I walked out of the bathroom, out the front door, and I kept right on walking. Little did I know, there were no public phones anywhere in the area. There were no convenience stores, no gas stations, and no laundromats. This was an exclusive neighborhood. I got near a hospital only to find that I didn't have any change in my purse. I couldn't call anyone even if I had found a phone. This was many years ago, way before cell phones were available. So, I kept on walking. I figured that home couldn't be that far. My feet started to hurt really badly because I was walking in heels. So, I eventually had to take my shoes off. There I was, walking in this elegant dress, carrying my shoes, in this exclusive neighborhood, across a bridge, and down another ritzy street. Eventually a car pulled over. There was a couple in it, and the woman asked if I needed a ride. I was so mad, tired, and hot by this time that I would have accepted a ride from anyone. I got in and the woman said, "It's okay. We're teachers." They drove me home. It was another five miles. Thank goodness I didn't have to walk the whole way. I learned valuable lessons on this date. Number 1: Always carry change for a phone. Even in these days of cell phones, your battery could die. Number 2: Wear comfortable shoes. Always. Number 3: Don't go on blind dates! Number 4: Especially don't go to a fancy place where you will be ignored! Number 5: Know where you are going, and know how far it is from home. Number 6: Have a backup - tell a friend/parent where you are going and have them ready to come get you if necessary. Needless to say, the guy never called me after that. He asked our mutual friend what happened to me, and when I told him, he actually got mad at ME! He said I should have let my date know I was leaving. My argument was that my date wouldn't have known who I was, much less have cared if I was leaving. I never heard from the date again. But my friend is still my friend. At least he tried.

— Julia, 39

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