How Low Can One Go?

I met this guy on line. His pictures were gorgeous. Many were in a police uniform and he was supposedly a policeman in Georgia. He had some adorable pictures with his daughter. Tragically, his poor daughter had leukemia. We talked for several weeks until she became very ill and he had to fly up to Minnesota with her to a special cancer hospital. We stayed in touch. He would call me from a private phone, or we would talk online from his laptop while he was in his hotel room near the hospital. As we were talking one night, he had a call from the nurse. I didn't hear from him again. I saw him online on the personals a few times, but he would get off quickly when he realized I was there. Then, after I was upset and worried for days, he finally emailed me and told me that, tragically, his daughter had died! Well, sorry, I didn't believe someone's child would die then they would be on an online dating service! I called the hospital where she was supposed to have been. They had no record for a child of that name. It took me awhile, but I finally caught him at it and found out he was one BIG SICK LIAR. I wish I could remember his name. I just remember he goes by the name Andrew. I have heard from others who have had similar experiences, so be VERY, VERY CAREFUL of all those sick, twisted people out there. There is no telling who this sicko really is. I just hope one day he gets what is coming to him!

— Nerida, 27

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