Classic Booty Call

I met David, the brother of one of my male friends, five years ago and we seemed to hit it off. I hadn't been on the dating scene for a while and was anxious (too anxious) to get back out there. David called and we agreed to go to dinner one Friday night. We had plans to meet at 8:00 and while I was getting ready, he called to tell me that he had hooked up with his friends and was at a local casino. He said he'd give me a call when he got home and we could still go out to dinner. After about an hour, he called again to say he was on his way home, would get dressed, and then meet me for dinner. An hour later he called again to say he was at his friend's without his car and would be home shortly. Well, needless to say, when it approached midnight I got undressed, watched TV and eventually crawled into bed thinking I was stood up. I got a call from David at 1:00 am apologizing for being late. He said we could still salvage what was left of the night by watching a movie at his house. Like a fool, I got dressed at 1:00 am and drove to his house, which was about ten miles away. He was waiting for me, drunk and stoned. Instead of going home, I stayed. I found out he had a DUI a while back and wasn't allowed to drive unless it was to go to work. So, he suggested that we pick up food at a local twenty-four hour grocer. I drove to the grocer, we picked up food, and when the cashier rang up the total he "ran" to put the grocery cart away leaving me to pay for the groceries! When we got back to his house, I should've driven off with the groceries but I wasn't thinking that far ahead. The worst part is that we messed around and ending up having sex. David had no intentions of taking me out to dinner. I paid for the groceries and he got sex. That was the stupidest mistake I ever made.

— Ginny, 37

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