My first relationship seemed doomed from the start. We had nothing in common, it was difficult to talk, but the feelings were there. We had been dating for three months when things turned sour. He had a new job, and it was taking up most of his free time. One day, not so long after, I was hanging out with a good friend of mine. She was all giggly because some guy had finally told her that he liked her. It took a while to get her to admit it, but the guy was my boyfriend! I was crushed and furious at the same time. The next time I got to speak with him, I learned that my friend had taken her conversation with him the wrong way. He hadn't meant that he liked her, but he HAD meant to break things off with me now that he was too busy with his new job. But wait, it gets worse. I spent the night at another friend's house who coincidentally was my ex's sister. The people present were two of my girl friends (my best friend included), my ex, and my best friend's ex. Throughout that entire day, my best friend and my ex disappeared to talk to each other. They were hooking up! I cried for hours after that. Although I supposedly forgave my 'best friend', things have never been the same between us. We hardly speak to each other anymore.

— Kitty, 22

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